Chelsea is an illustrator and games artist based in Colorado with an interest in horror and natural history.You can reach her at [email protected]



"Hospital" is an untitled horror sidescroller concept made in Unity. You play as an inpatient who enters a distorted reality of their hospital every night, where the only way out seems to be through the lone elevator forcing you lower into the hospital’s depths.I worked on the art and animation in collaboration with Alexis Urbaine-Racine who worked on the programming and game design.

OCCULT (2020)

OCCULT is a 4-player tabletop card game concept where the goal is to be the first to complete a summoning ritual at your high school’s occult club, competing for offerings and loyal followers among the student body.I drafted placeholder rules and art for a mockup game pamphlet as the introduction to the game concept. The visuals were designed to be nostalgic yet unsettling, harking back to vintage photography of high society with eerie undertones.

"The planets have aligned just so, offering a perfect connection between the Underworld and Mortal World. A high-ranking demon will finally be able to be summoned to perform arcane miracles at the conjurer's behest. It will need a host, and there is no place better suited to welcome it than your high school's occult club."

MEMENTO (2022)

"Memento" is a strategy game concept about a weak god at the edge of the world. You are tasked with greeting devotees that come and go for years on end, choosing whether to turn from their prayers or perform the deeds asked of them with the limited power you have.I worked on the concept and art in collaboration with Michael Percy who worked on the writing, programming, and game design.